And so it begins….

Well actually it started some time ago, its been going on for quite a while now. What has? Another economic collapse of course.

Today, people were seen leaving Deutsche Bank offices all around the world clutching their white envelopes containing a months salary and details of their redundancy packages, just like 2008 when Lehman’s went belly up. So why isn’t everyone running around screaming the place down? Cant they see the problem? Dont they care? Not yet they don’t while its about someone else, somewhere else and it doesn’t directly effect them……yet.

No one pays attention to what is going on around them these days, no one sees the gathering strom clouds until the rain falls on their head. No one carries an umbrella or rain coat anymore. Well wake up people because you are all about to get very, very wet indeed.

I am certainly no expert in financial matters, not even close, but what I do have a nose for is foreseeing problems ahead of time and this pending disaster has been on my radar for some time now. There are plenty of experts and pundits out there ready to explain every detail of why and why not, that all will be OK and there is nothing to worry about.  Dream on!

The financial system is collapsing around us but this time it is going to be a whole lot worse and so few people know it has even started.

And so it begins……. here we go again.  This is why we prep.

It Will Never Happen Here.

Seems to be a pretty standard response from what I hear. The disruption happening in other countries will not / cannot / shall not happen in the UK. Yeah Right! Who are you kidding? It may take a little longer to get going, after all us BRITS are a slow bunch at the best of times, but be under no illusion the fire is stoked and the boiler is under full pressure and ready to burst with many people at the moment, and it doesn’t take many people to make the rest pay attention.

How long ago were the fatal riots in Broadwater Farm? What about the poll tax riots under Maggie’s premiership? The student fees riots? Oh yeah right, it will never happen here. The Iraq war demonstrations didn’t really get out of order, not compared to the others, but in terms of a show of strength and people power they had an impact. Obviously Blair and his cohorts didnt care or take any notice, preferring instead to give the people the finger and lie to parliament, but that’s getting off track………

I read an article somewhere?, by someone?, comparing how as the different deck levels were effected as the Titanic sank. Those on the lower decks were up to their necks in freezing cold water right from the start, those on the middle decks didnt pay attention until it was lapping around their knees and the bottom decks were running around screaming their heads off. And finally the upper decks interrupted their fine dinning to complain that the lower and middle decks were making too much noise and they couldn’t hear the band playing. OK that’s a pretty frivolous analogy but you get the idea. The lower and middle decks of the UK and elsewhere can see what is going on and the upper decks are staring to pay attention. Some of the elite passengers know what is coming and have taken to their private life boats with their valuables already, heading off towards their private islands and underground bunkers somewhere.

This weekend the lower decks in France will don their yellow life vests once again and wade into the depths of Paris streets to vent their frustration and try to keep their families heads above the proverbial rising waters of debt and taxation. The upper decks are not yet acting, they may have heard the noise outside their mansion windows, but as yet have not done anything about it. If the planned removal of cash from ATM machines has any effect, we may well see them acting very soon, after all you cannot allow the lower decks to take have possession of their own money, not when they need it to plug the holes in their sinking ship. An interesting few days ahead I think.

But that is in France, it will never happen here. Will it?




Society as we know it is going to collapse, and soon.

Society as we know it is going to collapse, and soon.

This may seem a strange title to begin my first blog, but to me it seems the obvious point. I am finally putting down on paper things that have been “happening” for years and which are now reaching a conclusion. The things I write about will be obvious to many of you, but probably completely nuts to many more. Matters have now reached a point where I feel sufficiently confident (or deluded enough) to ask the wider world if they think I am right in my conclusions or alternatively as nutty a s a fruit cake.

Society as we know it is going to collapse, and soon. 

There I have said it. Have you been thinking that same thing too?

I watch angry, yellow vested protesters in running battles with black clad military police, while cars and waste bins burn all around. I see angry audiences on BBC question time, hurling accusations and threats at politicians and self important pundits. I see groups of men shouting Nazi insults at female politicians trying to get to work (loose term work). If there was ever an unwritten trust, a social bond if you like, between the citizens and the politicians, that trust and bond has been lost and the so called social contract is shattered to pieces.

I hear radio phone-ins where half want this and half want that, each half completely sure that their half is completely correct and the other half are completely wrong. I see elected leaders being paid by un-elected lobbyists, to vote against their conscience and the wishes of their constituents. I feel the undercurrent on our high streets, constant sideways glances from those shoppers with some situational awareness, others completely lost in the screen of their mobile phones, trance like to the latest Bingo-spin-the-wheel- lost-cause-lottery-win-fortune-game. Everyone thinks everyone else is on undeserved benefits and state hand outs, getting something for nothing, more than themselves.


Everyone thinks that Islamic radicals are hiding inside every mosque and every kebab or curry house is a secret HQ for grooming gangs who rape and terrorize white teenage girls using mini cabs as shuttle buses for their bounty. Every young man on the street has a hidden machete, carving knife or shooter and is just waiting for his next victim to appear around the corner. Lucky we have so much CCTV coverage in this country otherwise no one would even know would they.

Those who voted Brexit are expecting to be betrayed, those who voted remain are hoping that will be true.  The bankers who fucked everything up and caused the “great recession” (what was so great about it again?) are still walking around free, richer than before and doing the same stuff all over again, safe in the knowledge that they have nothing to fear from us or whichever party are currently holding the reigns. The elite remain hidden and secure behind their corporate walls and complicit politicians are telling those below how great it is high up there and how we should all be so grateful. It has been ten years since the financial crisis of 2008 and the markets are looking just as they did way back then, volatile, rising rates, over valued and over hyped. Everything is just rosy, everything is fine, no need to worry, it will all be OK. Here we go again.

We now think it is more important to police social forums for someone writing a few nasty words than policing the actual streets and communities where real crimes are being committed…. and then left unsolved. Have they ever been burgled or punched in the face? Had their bike stolen or car broken into? Probably not.

Jobs are being lost again, prices are rising, education teaches institutional rubbish and pot holes wreck car tyres and suspension. The cost of a season ticket is out of reach for many true sports fans, while corporate boxes and seats remain empty, occasionally quaffing champagne and peanuts down onto the minions below. Could they even name the whole first team?

TV is crap, designed to keep us all quiet and under control when we are not at work being good little tax payers. Parental control is not like it used to be, no one knows where there kids are these after school days. Did they ever I hear you ask? Social media gets us ready for adulthood when we can become good little TV watching tax payers, ready to buy whatever they think we need that day, week, month or year. How did we ever live without all this stuff?

A stranger spoke to me today, I say “stranger” he was in fact one of my near neighbours for the last few years and I didnt even know his face let alone his name. He wanted to borrow my lawnmower, what a bloody cheek, how dare he ask me such a thing. What do you mean its the neighborly thing to do? Go round and cut it for him as well shall I? NOT!!!!  OK years ago it may have been different, perhaps it still is in parts of the country, but not round here, not anymore. Besides he’s got a newer car than me and his kids are really polite and well dressed all the time, who do they think they are anyway? Keeping their grass cut. Whats the point of that, no one else around here bothers.

There is always rubbish in the streets, black bags overflowing from council bins that only get collected every few weeks if you are lucky. People throw their trash out of their car windows, it is strewn all along the sides of main roads and never gets picked up. I saw a bloke let his dog shit in the street last week, right on the pavement where I was walking. He made no attempt to pick it up and looked at me like I was a fucking alien when I stopped and pointed. I could see the anger in his eyes, he was ready to have a go alright. I carried on walking while he shouted out something behind me, sounded like anchor…..?

We have forgotten so many things in just one or two generations. Those who went before us had a respect for the basic fundamental aspects of the society they were living in. They had respect for their parents, elders and police force. The education, welfare and health care systems were genuinely valued, not something to be sneered at and spat on by a generation who never had to fight for their introduction. Members of our armed forces are disrespected by those who have never been called on to risk the ultimate sacrifice. Some have their lives taken from them, here in the UK, by our enemies we invited from overseas to inflict carnage on our streets.

A spark will ignite the tinder and our country will see unrest unlike any we have seen before. Anger is brewing in our country, anger amongst men and women who are reaching the limits of their endurance and patience, the British resolve and ability to endure hardship is at full stretch, take care those who wish to see it break.

Remember the poem The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon – by Rudyard Kipling

People are getting well and truly fed up, angry, frustrated and, and, and…… There are numerous other issues that are making me and many other people start to push back against what we see as being ignored and lied to and treated like idiots. We are not idiots and those that choose to treat us as such are likely to hear and feel the wrath of the awakened Saxon coming to a cinema near them sometime soon. When there is so much shit going on, in so many different places, all at the same time, you just know that something is going to go wrong. Hold onto your hats everyone……………

Society as we know it is going to collapse, and soon. 

There I have said it. Are you thinking the same thing too?